Guillermo Torrent
Guillermo was born in 1965 in Valencia. He quickly integrated into the company in 1984 where, like his father before him, he has conquered new markets since his arrival in the family business. His passion for aesthetic is the one motivator at work. This is why he is able to design for both LATORRE and PAU, while at the same time managing their Art Direction. He is fluent in art and the latest trends, particularly in fashion. This is why he is able to seamlessly integrate sophistication and elegance into the inspiration for our luxury design With an industry experience of almost 30 years, Guillermo is our Art Director. He develops image campaigns, overseeing the entire creative process - from creation of prototypes to photo shoots, from graphic design to the choice of fabrics and textures, as well as the development of our stands and exhibits. He designs for PAU, as well as the majority of the top LATORRE collection.